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I’ve officially reached my late 20s!! I’m turning 27! #ripmyyouth Even though so much has happened over the past twelve months, a couple of days before my 27th birthday, I was feeling down. 

Suddenly, all the things I haven’t accomplished yet started swarming my head and the amount of time I had to do it all in felt like it was running out. I used to think that my late twenties would mean I’d already have it all – an amazing husband, a baby or two, a huge mansion, and a kick-ass career. While I can say I have at least one of those things checked off (looking at my cutie pie hubby 😘), I’m happy as a clam cherishing all the amazing things I do have and figuring out the rest in good time! 

This year, I am dreaming of taking things in with wide eyes, love, patience, and passion for being the best me I can be. My biggest task for 27: planning new, exciting adventures while balancing rest and self-care. I don’t know where this year will take me, but I do know that this year is going to be one I look back on with such thanks.

26, you were good to me!

At 3 years away, 30 is quickly approaching – after all, it’s much closer than yesterday when I was 20. And yes, 30 may not be old but, like – my 20’s flew by and before I know it, I will be old, or at the very least, older. 27 is a weird age because it’s when you realize that time moves really fast. But you’re still so young that people probably think you’re crazy for talking about “getting old”. It’s like, “No, guys, I don’t think I am old, or even close to old, but I’m now aware that it’s totally going to happen… and it will arrive way quicker than I thought. So let me have these feelings while I apply some wrinkle cream, thank you very much.”

Anyway, 26 was a year full of adventures (The Lavender Festival was one of my favorites). I can’t wait to see what this year will bring!

For now, I’m off to blow out my candles and ring in 27 with a bang! 


White Ankle Boots | Rose Gold Minnie Ears | Brown Boater Hat | Straw Boater Hat

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